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Documentary filmmakers aren’t just film makers – they are storytellers, recreating in a new medium the ancient art of weaving tales. A documentary film maker uses digital films as his or her canvas for narrating a great story… a compelling story… a story that must be told. The world of documentary film making is filled with inspiring examples of how landmark documentary films have helped in shaping opinions on burning topics like war, oppression, terrorism, trafficking, racism and environmental depredation in particular, and the human condition in general. Indeed, a documentary film can be an eye-opener, a game changer and a powerful catalyst of public opinion.

At Vision Xtra Pvt. Ltd. we have created a talent pool of all the specialized resources required for documentary film production: directors, art directors, writers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, sound recording technicians, editors, music directors, etc. This makes us fully equipped to produce various types of documentary films and docudramas.